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10 BAD*SS Referee Moments

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  • “The terms “referee” and “badass” are almost antonyms.”
The two are never in the same sentence, unless it’s a conversation about how awesome something was until the fun police showed up in their striped shirts and quashed all […]
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Youth Sports Management Tips & Best Practices

This article offers 5 key benefits of becoming a referee/umpire and is designed to motivate parents, coaches, guardians and others across the country to encourage teens and young adults to consider becoming a youth sports referee/umpire.  Recent press suggests there is growing shortage of youth sports referees/umpires, so it is vitally important to the future […]

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Qualities of a Great Sports Official

Sports officials, like any other vocation or avocation, come in many different packages. Some “get by”; some are “good”; a select few can be considered “great” in their field.

Great sports official  shares common traits which ultimately set them apart from the rest. I’d like to try to explain these qualities.

INTEGRITY. A great sports official is […]

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